Media History 5 op

Opintojaksolle voi osallistua viisi väyläopiskelijaa kerrallaan. Opinnot tapahtuvat viikoilla 2-11.



  • knows how digital media has developed within the last century
  • familiarizes one self of the impact of media history in today’s world
  • understands the signifigance of the media development continuum
  • adapts techniques and ideas from the past to benefit future skills

Keskeinen sisältö

  • This online course includes a survey of the evolution of the digital media. It provides looks at historical development of audio visual and electronic media as well as their status in today’s world.
  • Five assigments are provided on bi-weekly basis. Assigments will introduce media history examples of signifigance for analysis and research. Assigments will also require some skills of photography and creative writing.